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The Girl With The Tree Tattoo

The time has finally come to reveal the details of the next chapter of Life, a.k.a. my next big adventure. If you follow me on social media, you already know one part — I’m moving!

I’m no stranger to changing my home address. I’ve driven (or been driven) across the country at least six times in my life for various moves. Before this last apartment, where I lived for four years, I had moved four times in five years (not counting the temporary move to Pennsylvania and then back to California in 2016). I guess for me, home is where…

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Since the beginning of my blogging journey, I’ve always written openly about the stuff that goes on inside my head. As I began documenting my dance journey, I was candid about the mental and emotional struggles I faced as I learned which foot went forward and where I was supposed to place my head in Waltz. I didn’t hide the fact that I dealt with depression and anxiety. The goal was to let others with similar challenges know that they were not alone. The hope was to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, at least in my own small…

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A story must always include two primary elements: plot and character development. However, did you know you can produce a movie with barely a plot and zero character development, and still make it entertaining?

I offer 2021's Mortal Kombat as exhibit A.

It was Friday evening and I was marking the end of a very long week with a bowl full of angel hair pasta and a glass full of red wine. What could complete this setting? Something entertaining to watch that I didn’t need to pay close attention to and wouldn’t require a significant amount of emotional investment.


There are certain movies that I can watch over and over again. They’re like old friends with whom time is never wasted. They make me laugh, cry, or just feel warm and fuzzy with nostalgia.

The Mummy (1999) is one of those movies. If you haven’t seen it, here is the gist: Evelyn Carnahan, played by Rachel Weisz, is a librarian/aspiring archaeologist working in 1920s Cairo and is obsessed with ancient Egypt. Rick O’Connell, played by Brendan Frasier, is the American she saves from the noose in order to lead her to the fabled city of Hamunaptra where they accidentally…

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A large regional ballroom dance competition happened this past week, one that I would have normally attended except that, you know, the pandemic. As I saw photos and videos of the event posted on social media, anxiety tightened its grip on my chest at the sight of so many unmasked people posing together and dancing together on the floor. I was reminded of my own recent in-person dance event experience that was an anxiety-ridden nightmare except for the few minutes I was on stage and away from everyone. But as I watched videos of unmasked dancers compete, it occurred to…

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I wouldn’t call myself a prude. I’m also not a gym rat or fitness influencer, so maybe I’m just not in the know. But it’s never occurred to me to take my shirt off and exercise in just my sports bra. Even when I’m at home and no one’s around, even when I’m dripping with sweat, it never crosses my mind.

So when I see others posting online photos or videos of themselves exercising at the gym, at home or outside in their expensive leggings and just a sports bra, I can’t help but wonder, why?

Shirts vs. Skins

There’s an obvious answer…

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Seven months into the pandemic, I realized I was still grieving over aspects of pre-pandemic life I didn’t fully realize were lost. I was grieving over the loss of my second home at my old dance studio that didn’t survive the shutdowns. I was grieving over the loss of my perception that my fellow ballroom dancers held themselves to higher standards as human beings. Turns out they could be racist jerks just like everyone else. I was grieving over the personal loss of my connection with my creative flow.

Today, on the anniversary of the day I was ordered to…

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Influence Me

I was scrolling social media the other day when I saw a mention of a new HBO documentary, Fake Famous, which follows three wanna-bes as they participate in an experiment designed to turn them into famous influencers on Instagram, or at least make them appear to be famous. Give a point to the power of social media because I paused whatever I was watching on Netflix to check it out (and yes, I was watching Netflix and scrolling social media at the same time).

The opening scene featured people taking selfies in front of a pink wall, which belonged to…

Can I really write an article about my sleeping dogs?

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Somewhere along my writing journey, I developed this rule that says if I’m going to publish a new blog post or article, it has to be profound. It has to carry a powerful message or a fresh perspective on an old idea. If I can’t come up with something that will influence minds and change lives, then it isn’t worth sharing.

Even now, as I write this article — intended to be about releasing this rule — I feel the pressure to deliver a significant message to my readers. I can’t write an article about just writing for the moment…

Originally written for my dancers at The Girl with the Tree Tattoo blog, I’m sharing this article here because dancers aren’t the only ones who may be wondering if their journey has come to an end because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As we reach the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., I know many dancers have one question on their mind: Is my dance journey over?

Some have been extremely lucky and privileged to be able to continue dancing and even compete through this pandemic. They experienced a couple months’ break in their dance schedule, which used…

The Girl With The Tree Tattoo

Tattooed ballroom dancer and writer keeping it real about dance, mindset, Life, and the occasional film. Home base at

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